JEAN-FÉRY REBEL (1666-1747): Les caractères de la danse, Tambour de Monsieur de Lully, FRANÇOIS REBEL (1701-1775)/FRANÇOIS FRANCŒUR (1698-1787): Airs and Dances from Ballet de la Paix, Scanderbeg and Prince de Noisy.

Catalogue Number: 01P017

Label: Ambronay

Reference: AMY303

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

Description: Following the example of both composers and entrepreneurs of chamber music in mid 18th century Paris, the principals of this recording have rescored operatic vocal and instrumental numbers from a ballet and two operas for smaller forces (two violins, two flutes, viola da gamba, double bass, bassoon, theorbo and harpsichord). Not only this, but they are arranged so as to form a "libretto" in their own right. French-English texts. Juliette Perret (soprano), Étienne Bazola (baritone), Ensemble Les Surprises; Juliette Guignard.


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