GIUSEPPE ZANEBONI (1735-1790): Sonata for Mandolin and Bass, SALVADOR CASTRO DE GISTAU (1770-after1914): Minuetto afandangado: Andante con variazioni for Guitar, GIOVANNI CIFOLELLI (1745-1810): Ariette for Soprano, Mandolin and Mandola, PIETRO DENIS (early 18th cen.-after 1777): Air de Julie, Air de serrurier and Air de déserteur for Soprano, Mandolin and Guitar, PAOLO ALTIERI (1745-1820): 3 Sonatas for 2 Mandolins, WILHELM CRAMER (1746-1799): Petit air for Soprano, Mandolin and Guitar, ABBÉ JOSEPH CARPENTIER (early 18th cen.-after 1790): Ariette for Soprano, Mandolin and Guitar, ALEIXO BOTELHO DE FERREIRA (1753-?): Sonata for Mandolin and Bass, ANON.: Sonata in G Minor for Mandolin and Mandola.

Catalogue Number: 01P026

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 94636

Format: CD

Price: $7.98

Description: A tribute to the popularity of plucked string instruments, which were popular among all levels of society in Paris during the last half of the 18th century, from the aristocracy to middle-class salons. Most of the composers were active in Paris during this time and, being specialists in these types of instruments, you will not have heard of any of them. No texts. Nathalie Pierson (soprano), Artemandoline.


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