OTTO OLSSON (1879-1964): Requiem for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 01P053

Label: Proprius

Reference: PRSACD9086

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $20.98

Description: We don't know why a 22-year-old, just out of conservatory, would want to write a requiem. His father's death in 1900? Having heard contemporary performances of those by Brahms and Verdi in Stockholm? At any event, Olsson's requiem is very much his own in its form: no anguished or threatening Dies irae for one thing. In fact the first eight sections, from Requiem through Hostias, are rather contained and subdued if with elements of foreboding or quiet acceptance where you'd expect them. But then the 14-minute Sanctus becomes a radiant, exultant song of praise, C Major magnified, the gates of heaven opening and the closing Agnus Dei (at another 12 minutes, with these final two sections making up 38% of the entire work) an urgent, poignant prayer for mercy whose harp-accompanied lux aeterna ending slowly dies away into nothingness. Sylvia Lindenstrand (soprano), Inger Blom (alto), Björn Haugan (tenor), Olle Sköld (bass), Gustaf Vasa Oratorio Choir, Royal Opera Orchestra; Anders Ohlson. 2005 release. SACD hybrid.


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