THEODOR BLUMER (1881-1964): String Trio, Op. 55, MAX REGER (1873-1916): String Trio, Op. 77b.

Catalogue Number: 01P058

Label: Ars Produktion

Reference: ARS 38 483

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Blumer's 1928 trio, in three movements and lasting just over 29 minutes, is an apt coupling for Reger's work of 1904. The latter was Reger's proof that he could write immediately understandable and appealing music after all and Blumer, without the baggage Reger had to deal with, partakes of neo-baroque form (first movement prelude and fugue) and late Romantic melodic style to produce a contrapuntally adept and fresh take on the string trio genre. New Wuppertal String Trio. 2008 release.


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