Edition RadioMusiken, Vol. 2 - Suites and Overtures for the Radio

FRANZ SCHREKER (1878-1934): Kleine Suite, ERNST TOCH (1887-1964): Bunte Suite, Op. 48, EDUARD KÜNNEKE (1885-1953): Tänzerische Suite for Jazz Band and Large Orchestra, Op. 26, MISCHA SPOLIANSKY (1898-1985): Charleston Caprice, MAX BUTTING (1888-1976): Sinfonietta mit Banjo, Op. 37, Heitere Suite, Op. 38, WALTER BRAUNFELS (1882-1954): Divertimento für Radio-Orchester.

Catalogue Number: 01Q010

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 838-2

Format: CD

Price: $31.98

Description: The first volume of this series (August 2010 - 08M095) was not very attractive, being a play with music performed in German with no texts or translations but here we get some real meat: famous composers commissioned by German Radio to write orchestral music for radio broadcast. Encouraged to reach the broadest possible audience, most made use of the then-popular jazz styles imported from America. Guidelines for orchestration ensured that the single-microphone setup would not clog up with dense instrumentation; most of what's here is for a chamber-orchestra sized ensemble although the most strikingly original piece here is Künneke's five-movement, 30-minute suite employing a jazz band with a large orchestra. Almost nothing in this genre has been recorded before (from this period) and, while you might wonder how it came across on the radio when it was premiered in 1929, it sounds great now! Schreker's January 1929 premiere was the very first of its kind on German radio and the rest of these pieces date from that and the following year. Many interesting period photos and reproductions in the booklet as well as contemporary notes from the composers themselves and from the radio station side of the equation. There's no telling what will turn up next in this series; the orchestra made recordings of this "for radio" repertoire from 2005-2011 so there's surely a lot more to come. 2 CDs. Orchestra of the Dresden State Operetta; Ernst Theis.


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