MIKOLAJ ZIELENSKI (c.1550-c.1615): Ortus de Polonia, Mirabilis Deus, Mitte manum tuam, In virtute tua, Domine, Adoramus te, Christe, Vox in Rama, Laetentur caeli, Posuisti Domine, Visionem quam vidistis, Salve festa Dies, gloria et divitiae, Magnificat, GIOVANNI GABRIELI (1554-1612): In ecclesiis, Canzon VIII, GIOVANNI PALESTRINA (1525-1594)/GIOVANNI BASSANO (1558-1617): Introduxit me Rex.

Catalogue Number: 01Q013

Label: K617

Reference: 248

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Published in Venice in 1611, the total surviving œuvre of a composer considered by present-day Polish musicologists as Poland's equivalent to Schütz and Gabrieli conisists of 56 offertories, 63 communiones and a Magnificat. Some were offered on a Dux CD in August 2009 (08L014) and more come from the French K617 label, here with music by some of his contemporaries. Les Traversées Baroques; Etienne Meyer.


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