FRANCESCO MARIA VERACINI (1690-1768): Adriano in Siria.

Catalogue Number: 01Q020

Label: Fra Bernardo

Reference: fb 1409491

Format: CD

Price: $44.98

Description: The first of only four Veracini operas, all written in London between 1735-1744. This was intended to make a big splash with the opera company that was Handel's rival and the three main singers were Farinelli, Senesino and Francesca Cuzzoni. Thus, there are highly virtuosic vocal fireworks throughout but also some gentle and moving numbers and the orchestra was huge for its time including pairs of transverse flutes, oboes, trumpets and horns and a solo violin (played, of course, by the demon violinist Veracini himself). 3 CDs. Italian libretto. Sonia Prina (alto), Ann Hallenberg (soprano), Roberta Invernizzi, Romina Basso, Lucia Cirillo (mezzos), Ugo Guagliardo (bass), Europa Galante; Fabio Biondi.


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