Music at the Court of Karlsruhe

JOHANN PHILIPP KÄFER (1672-1728): Suite in C "Musicalische Battaille", JOHANN MELCHIOR MOLTER (1696-1765): Symphony in G, SEBASTIAN BODINUS (c.1700-1759): Symphony in B, FREIDRICH SCHWINDL (1737-1786): Symphony in D, JOHANN EVANGELIST BRANDL (1760-1837): Symphony in E Flat, Op. 12, FRANZ DANZI (1763-1826): Overture to Turandot, FRIEDRICH ERNST FESCA (1789-1826): Overture in D, Op. 41.

Catalogue Number: 01Q021

Label: Christophorus

Reference: CHR 77391

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: A release concentrating on composers associated with a particular royal house is bound to throw up many obscure items of interest and this one is especially valuable to collectors of the Classical symphony since Karlsruhe was a very new town in every respect. Käfer's "musical battle" piece (only 8 of its 22 sections are played here but that's plenty to get the idea) is the only baroque work because he was the only kapellmeister from the Baroque period. From Melchior to Schwindl we have single-movment, three-section symphonies in the Italian opera-overture style. Unfortunately, due to time availability on disc, we only get the nine-minute first movement of Brandl's Haydnesque four-movement symphony from the high Classical period. Danzi and Fesca take us into late Classicism and early Romanticism. First Recordings of everything but the Fesca. Karlsruhe Baroque Orchestra; Kirstin Kares.


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