The Virtuoso Ophicléide

VICTOR CAUSSINUS (1806-1899): Duo No. 3 for 2 Ophicléides, GILBERT DUPREZ (1806-1896): Agnus Dei, O Salutaris, HYACINTHE KLOSÉ (1808-1880): Air varié for Ophicléide and Piano, Op. 21, ALBERT CORBIN (18??-1893): Teutatès - Fantasie mystique for Cornet and Ophicléide, GASPARD KUMMER (1795-1870): Variations for Ophicléide, Op. 62, CLAUDE PHILIPPE PROJEAN (fl.1843): Kyrie eleison for 3 Ophicléides, JULES DEMERSSEMAN (1833-1866): Grand Fantasie dramatique and Fantaisie sur Le Désir de Beethoven for Ophicléide and Piano, MIKHAIL GLINKA (1804-1857): Trio pathétique (transcr. cornet, ophicleide and piano).

Catalogue Number: 01R039

Label: Ricercar

Reference: RIC 363

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: More agile than the bass tuba which eventually replaced it, the ophicléide was also well-adapted for lyrical and salon-style music which is what most 19th century composers for the instrument wrote (but the Glinka transcription is the most fun here!). Trio Ænea with Corentin Morvan and Oscar Abella Martín (second and third ophicléides).


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