LEONARDO CORAL (b.1962): Piano Sonata No. 7, 12 Preludes for Piano (2nd series), Orígenes for Solo Violin, Estampas Quijotescas for Piano Trio.

Catalogue Number: 01R070

Label: Tempus Classico

Reference: 10110

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Coral's idiom is an approachable tonal one, with elements of neo-romanticism and a leaner, mid-twentieth century style, sometimes in the same work. The sonata, for instance, consists of a sonata-form first movement with some suggestion of Rachmaninov, a more impressionistic slow movement, and a spiky, percussive, somewhat Bartókian rondo-finale alternating a brittle toccata with more romantic episodes. “Origins”, for solo violin consists of four short movements that trace a kind of historical arc, alternating a kind of mysterious archaic modality and a tougher chromatic vocabulary. The second set of Preludes consists of contrasting pieces, ranging from impressionistic to elegant and refined to fast and motoric. Some are significantly more dissonant and chromatic than others, but all are firmly tonal. The seven movements of “Quixotic Scenes” evoke scenes from Cervantes' tale. The music's picturesque mock-seriousness match the tragic absurdity of the knight's story as he vigorously challenges windmills, reflects on love, suffers delusions and fights. The last movement is a touching and poetic elegy honoring his memory. Maria Teresa Frenk (piano), Viktória Horti (violin), Luz María Frenk (cello).


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