AXEL BORUP-JØRGENSEN (1924-2012): Portal for Percussion and Organ, Op. 182 (Mathias Reumert [percussion]), for orgel IV, Op. 106, Strophen for Alto and Organ, Op. 39 (Pia Rose Hansen [mezzo]), Kalligrafier for Organ, Op. 116, Für Cembalo und Orgel, Op. 133.2 (Mahan Esfahani [harpsichord]), organo per due for 2 Organists, Op. 133.1 (Lars Sømod [other organist]), Trilogi for Bass and Organ, Op. 154.4 (Jakob Bloch Jespersen [bass-baritone]), for orgel XI, Op. 141, winter music for Percussion and Organ, Op. 113.2 (Reumert).

Catalogue Number: 01S035

Label: OUR Recordings

Reference: 6.220617

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $16.98

Description: Borup-Jørgensen's limited but fascinatingly idiosyncratic output for organ demonstrates his consistent yet varied approach to composition over a period of decades, and his preoccupations as composer. A fascination with sound and unusual timbres; a fondness for free, organic structures and natural sounds - all are evident in these pieces. The work for two organists is the closest the composer comes to sonorism, apparently taking delight in the range of overlapping sounds available with an organ duet. In many of the works here, one is reminded of Messiaen's saturated harmonies, though Borup-Jørgensen's structures into which his coloristic chords are organised are far freer than Messiaen's. In the unusual duo for organ and harpsichord, the diverse character of the instruments is pointed up; the fleet, lightweight instrument dances around in Messiaenic chords, while the organ provides a dense, sonorous background texture. The very early (1961) Strophen, setting Rilke, is a coolly nuanced, sensitive interpretation of the poetry. The works with percussion - the very brief Portal, written as a curtain raiser to an 85th birthday concert of Borup-Jørgensen's music, and the longer, more complex Winter Music, are studies in texture and sonority, the latter full of storms, granitic monoliths and wild bird calls. Jens E. Christensen (organ of Vor Frelsers Church, Copenhagen).


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