WILHELM FURTWÄNGLER (1886-1954): Piano Quintet in C.

Catalogue Number: 01T033

Label: Tacet

Reference: 119

Format: CD

Price: $21.98

Description: This label had no U. S. distribution when this title came out and it was only a Gramophone review of a new Blu-ray audio reissue of it that drew our attention to the fact that, whereas the 1993 Timpani recording took 66:16, this one takes a, well, Furtwänglerian 80:22! As Peter Quantrill put it in that review,“ ...Furtwängler the composer is not to be rushed. Furtwängler the conductor understood better than most how a slower tempo may breathe spontaneous life into the narrative complex of a Beethoven allegro; so, it appears, do the Clarens Quintet.” 2 CDs. Clarens Quintet. Original 2004 release.


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