Robert Stolz conducts Waltzes, Marches, Polkas etc. from Eurodisc

CD 1 - JOSEPH LANNER (1801-1843): Neue Wiener Ländler, Op. 1, Dornbacher Ländler, Op. 9, Trennungswalzer, Op. 19, Badner Ring’ln, Op. 64, Pesther Walzer, Op. 93, Die Werber, Op. 103, Die Kosenden, Op. 128, Hofballtänze, Op. 161, Steyrische Tänze, Op. 165, Die Romantiker, Op. 167, Abend-Sterne, Op. 180, Hans-Jörgel-Polka, Op. 194, Die Schönbrunner, Op. 200, CDs 2-8 JOHANN STRAUSS I & II, CD 9 - JOSEF STRAUSS, CD 10 - JOSEF STRAUSS, JOHANN STRAUSS II, EDUARD STRAUSS, FRANZ VON SUPPÉ, CD 11 - CARL ZIEHRER, CD 11 - CARL ZIEHRER, FRANZ LEHÁR, JULIUS FUČIK and more.

Catalogue Number: 01T041

Label: Sony Classical

Reference: 88985465542

Format: CD reissue

Price: $32.98

Description: These recordings date from the 60s and 70s but the box gives only a 1971 original publication date (was there a huge Eurodisc LP box-set released in that year?) . I’ve listed the contents of the Lanner only since he is a rarer commodity, I was able to find them without opening the box, time is limited and I still kinda wanna keep what’s left of my sanity... Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Symphony Orchestra;  Robert Stolz.


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