NIMROD BORENSTEIN (b.1969): Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and String Orchestra, Op. 74, TOBY YOUNG (b.1990): The Art of Dancing for Trumpet, Piano and Strings, DEBORAH PRITCHARD (b.1977): Seven Halts on the Somme for Trumpet, Harp and String Orchestra, GEOFFREY GORDON (b.1968): Saint Blue for Trumpet, Piano and Strings.

Catalogue Number: 01T059

Label: Signum

Reference: SIGCD513

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: These attractive, accessible, tonal and varied pieces were inspired, in the imagination of the trumpeter, by Shostakovich's 1st Piano Concerto, with its trumpet obbligato. Young's piece is a tribute to the Baroque suite, but using elements of modern, electronic dance music (EDM) dances rather than the traditional gigue, sarabande, gavotte etc. To be honest, the result has very little to do with actual EDM; the 'Trance' movement a Vaughan Williams-y pastoral, for example, the 'Drum & Bass' a jazzy scherzo, 'Breakbeat' a jittery piece of post-minimalism. The soloists dance together as a duo, like the concertante group against the ripieno strings in a Concerto da camera. Gordon's Saint Blue is a response to two paintings by Kandinsky; 'All Saints I', a dramatic figurative grouping, prominently featuring an angel with a trumpet, and 'In Blue', an abstract yet dynamic assemblage of shapes. The A section of the work is likewise high in drama; the B section a more laid-back, jazz inflected episode. Pritchard's work is, characteristically, based on visual imagery, syn├Žsthetically interpreted (see also 07T076, 01Q057); in this case Hughie O'Donoghue's haunting images of places and events in the Battle of the Somme, with their veiled foregrounds and Turneresque skies. These seven atmospheric little tone poems form the emotional heart of this recital, with their evocations of Taps and 'bugles calling from sad shires'. The Borenstein is a relatively conventional neo-romantic concerto, like his fine Violin Concerto (10T010). Lively, dynamic outer movements with great rhythmic vitality and vigor, frame a melodic slow movement that unstably but persistently tries to settle into waltz time. Simon Desbrulais (trumpet), Clare Hammond (piano), English String Orchestra; Kenneth Woods.


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