Canadian Orchestral Music 1874-1943

CALIXA LAVALLÉE (1842-1891): La Patrie, CLARENCE LUCAS (1866-1947): Overture Macbeth, RODOLPHE MATHIEU (1890-1962): 3 Préludes, ERNEST MACMILLAN (1893-1973): Overture, GEORGES-ÉMILE TANGUAY (1893-1964): Pavane, MURRAY ADASKIN (1906-2002): Serenade for Strings, VIOLET ARCHER (1913-2000): Capriccio for Hand Timpani, JOHN WEINZWEIG (1913-2006): Our Canada (Music for Radio No. 1).

Catalogue Number: 01U036

Label: Centrediscs

Reference: CMCCD 25618

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Unusual here extends beyond the repertoire to its means of performance: “Symphonova” is the brand name and trademark of a package of inventions which allow single string, wind and brass players to produce the sound of a symphony orchestra (and, apparently, do it in real spaces with actual audiences present and not just for recording). This means that it suddenly is a lot cheaper to record what you, our staunch customers, want most - orchestral recordings. Whether this catches on is obviously yet to be determined but this 76-minute disc of tonal (except for Mathieu’s Webernian six minutes of preludes from 1912-15) Canadian music is from mostly unknown composers. The three biggest pieces are Lavallée’s 1871 overture which sounds a lot like Weber, Lucas’ colorful and romantic Macbeth from sometime before 1900 and MacMillan’s 1924 neo-romantic overture. In three segments (13 min. in all), Weinzweig’s selection of music for the CBC radio program “Our Canada”, dating from 1943, is rather Coplandesque. OK, let’s hear it for the software designers! Symphonova Orchestra; Shelley Katz (symphonist).


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