NICOLAS BACRI (b.1961): Prélude aux chants d’amour, JOHN KINSELLA (b.1932): Amhrán do Yodit, RICHARD WHILDS (b.1966): 176 Reasons, DAVID MATTHEWS (b.1943): A June Song, WIM HAUTEKIET (b.??): Alex’s Waltz, GREGORY ROSE (b.1948): Eritrean Sunset and Tigrinya Dance, SEAN HICKEY (b.1970): Single Malt, RONALD CORP (b.1951): The Wings of Memory, PHILIP RAMEY (b.1939): Symphonic Song, GERARD SCHURMANN (b.1924): Nefertiti, ROBIN WALKER (b.1953): She Moved Through The Fair, JOSÉ SEREBRIER (b.1938): Last Tango before Sunrise.

Catalogue Number: 01U067

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0370

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: As was emphatically the case with volume 1 (12S076) of this remarkable ongoing series of works specially written in honor of the wife of Toccata founder Martin Anderson, cruelly and prematurely ripped away by cancer (a moving essay in the booklet recounts the circumstances surrounding the genesis of the project), here also there are some extremely distinguished short works by major composers, and none that are less than very fine. There is a great deal of stylistic variety, but all the pieces have their roots in tonality of one sort or another, more or less firmly, and all are splendidly approachable, even as they accomplish different aims. Several pieces celebrate aspects of Yodit Tekle's life, ancestry and beauty (Rose, Schurmann, Hautekiet); some mourn eloquently (Walker, Ramey, Kinsella, Bacri); Corp speeds her on her way on wings of angels. It would be otiose to attempt to 'rank' the works in any way, and everybody will have their own favorites, but it is worth mentioning, perhaps, that Matthews expanded his piece into the slow movement of his 9th Symphony, that the Walker is effectively a tone poem lasting almost a quarter-hour with an unusually wide expressive range for a piece en hommage, and that the structural procedure in Whilds' piece is extremely ingenious and effective. Ukrainian Festival Orchestra; Paul Mann.


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