ALEXANDER GOEDICKE (1877-1957): Violin Sonatas No. 1 in A “Spring”, Op. 10 and No. 2 in D, Op. 83, 10 Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op. 80 (all First Recordings).

Catalogue Number: 01X003

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95973

Format: CD

Price: $9.98

Description: The 1899 first sonata’s nickname, “Vesennjaja” (spring), is a clear reference to Rachmaninov’s song Spring Waters, which is quoted at the beginning of the first and the end of the final movement . But even greater than the influence of Rachmaninov is that of German Romanticism. While Op.10 is a youthful work, the Second, composed between 1948 and 1953, is a clear rebuttal of Tikhon Khrennikov’s notorious anti-formalist attacks from a composer shielded behind decades of academic tenure. The sonata reaches far into the past, even to early Beethoven, with a construction so formally impeccable as to seem almost provocatively anachronistic. On the other hand, the 10 Pieces of 1948 are wholly different. Effectively combining pleasant melody and the evocation of childhood, they fit with dignity in a line stretching from Schumann’s to Tchaikovsky’s Albums for the Young, shedding light on Goedicke’s prolific didactic side. Francesco Parrino (violin), Michele Pentrella (piano).


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