Premiere Dvořák piano pieces

ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK (1841-1904): “Forget-me-not” Polka, B 1, Pauperia- Mazur, B 800, Silhouette VII in F Sharp (compl. Tomaš Višek), B 98, resp. 32, Mazurka IV in D, see B 111, Polka in B Flat, B 115, resp. 5, Galop in E, B 119, resp. 6, Themes from the Opera King and Charcoal Burner, B 22, Per pedes (Polka), Potpourri from the Opera King and Charcoal Burner, B 43, Ecossaisen II. Serie, B 406, Sketch to the original version of Humoresque in G Flat, Op. 101/7 see B 187, Dithyramb, see B 188, Vysoká Polka, B 606, Legend in B Flat (compl. Višek), see B 117, Presto in E Minor (compl. Višek), B 410, Theme (realized by Oskar Nedbal [1874-1930]) , B 303, Presto in E Flat (reconstr. Višek), B407/III, American Anthem (realized by Jarmil Burghauser [1921-1997]), B 411).

Catalogue Number: 01X006

Label: ArcoDiva

Reference: UP 0240-2 131

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Bits and pieces of piano music from throughout the composer’s career, almost all of them never heard before or not recorded in these versions give Dvořák collectors another 57 minutes of music. Tomáš Višek (piano).


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