LAUNY GRØNDAHL (1886-1960): Trombone Concerto, AXEL JØRGENSEN (1881-1947): Suite for Trombone and Orchestra, Op. 22, Romance, Op. 21, SØREN HYLDGAARD (b.1962): Concerto Borealis, VAGN HOLMBOE (1909-1996): Concerto No. 12, Op. 52.

Catalogue Number: 02I002

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 6.220526

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Although the title, "Romantic Trombone Concertos" might seem off for a disc containing all 20th century works, it is pretty apt. Both Grøndahl (1924, and a composer better-known perhaps as a conductor) and Jørgensen (1916 and 1926) provide conservative, melodic music which focuses on the trombone's lyrical side rather than demanding virtuosic technique while Hyldgaard (2000, rev. 2005) provides a post-modernist mix of film-scorish color, a bit of mild dissoance and some minimalistic chord progressions in his very approachable work. First recording of Grøndahl's concerto in its original version. Jesper Juul (trombone), Danish National Symphony Orchestra/DR; Henrik Vagn Christensen, Thomas Dausgaard (Grøndahl). SACD


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