PAOLINO VASSALLO (1856-1923): Grande Messa.

Catalogue Number: 02I047

Label: Gega

Reference: GR 100

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Vassallo represents a significant break with the 19th century Maltese sacred music tradition which has been documented in this ongoing series. Those composers were entirely in the thrall of the operatic Italian tradition but Vassallo studied in France with Guiraud and Massenet and, further, subscribed to the Cecilian reformes of the Catholic church which sought the true voice of church music in Gregorian chant and Palestrinan polyphony; hence this work of 1889, although romantic in terms of harmony and melody, in its underlying spirit looks back to the polychoral masses of the late Renaissance. Anita Saliba (soprano), Connie Frances Zerafa (mezzo), Brian Cefai, Charles Vella Zarb (tenors), Alfred Camilleri (baritone), Albert Buttigieg (bass), Collegium Musicum Choir and Orchestra; Dion Buhagiar.


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