WOLFGANG BOTTENBERG (b.1930): Piano Trio in D, Piano Quartet in B Flat, Violin Sonata, Variations on "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes" for Viola and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 02I073

Label: Disques XXI-21

Reference: XXI-CD 2 1561

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Born in Germany but resident in Canada since 1958, Bottenberg explored all manner of modern compositional innovations during his youth and early maturity but has returned to the tonality and forms of the classical tradition in these chamber works from 2001-02. Consciously exploiting modality and embracing essentially contrapuntal textures, the composer has produced here four works which could almost have been written by a contemporary of Brahms or Reger. Serious works with no hint of post-modern romantic pastiche, these should appeal to any collector of 19th century piano chamber music. Pavel Feldman (violin), Aleksey Dyachkov (viola), Katherine Skorzewska (cello), Lauretta Altman (piano).


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