NIKOLAUS BRUHNS (1665-1697): De Profundis, Der Herr hat seinen Stuhl, FRANZ TUNDER (1614-1667): O Jesu dulcissime, Da mihi Domine, DIETRICH BUXTEHUDE (1637-1707): Ich bin eine Blume zu Saron, JOHANN CHRISTOPH BACH (1642-1703): Lamento "Wie bist du denn o Gott", DIETRICH BECKER (c.1623-c.1679): Pavan à 5, Sonata a 3.

Catalogue Number: 02K021

Label: Mirare

Reference: MIR 041

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

No Longer Available

Description: Two extras make this recital of late 17th century North German sacred vocal works (and a couple of instrumental pieces by Becker) worthy of increased interest: the use of a violino piccolo (tuned a third higher than the violin) which was quite common at the time but had vanished by the middle of the 1700s, and, instead of a small positive organ, the luscious sound carpeting of the organ of the church where the recording was made (St. Loup sur Thouet). German-English texts. Stephan Mac Leod (bass), Ricercar Consort; Philippe Pierlot.


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