HERMANN FRANKE (1839-1919): Piano Trio in C, Op. 27, JOSEPH ELSNER (1769-1854): Piano Trio in B, DUKE EUGEN VON WÜRTTEMBERG (1788-1857): 2 Stücke, WALTER FREYMANN (1886-1945): Rondo in D, HANS-GEORG BURGHARDT (1909-1993): Trio-Fantasie, Op. 33, O traure nicht for Tenor and Piano Trio, Op. 47/2.

Catalogue Number: 02K063

Label: Cornetto

Reference: COR20010

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: These composers would probably be considered obscure even by German musicologists (except, of course, for the Pole Elsner): all of them born in what is now Poland or, in the case of Freymann (who died in a Soviet internment camp, picked up after the war while working as an interpreter), Latvia. Classical, Romantic and late Romantic/neo-Romantic, they are all tonal and 20th century collectors will particularly like Burghardt, whose 1939 Trio-Fantasie, gloomy, nervous and ominous by turns, seems to forecast the storm about to break. Helmut Holzapfel (tenor), Malinconia Ensemble.


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