ZOLTÁN KODÁLY (1882-1967): Énekszó - Songs on Folk Poems, Op. 1, 3 Songs to Poems by Béla Balázs, Op. posth., 4 Songs, 7 Songs, Op. 6, The Quick Reapers of the Grave, 3 Songs, Op. 14, Epigrams, 2 Songs, Op. 5, 5 Songs, Op. 9, Epitaphium Joannis Hunyadi.

Catalogue Number: 02K080

Label: Hungaroton

Reference: HCD 32555-56

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

Description: Kodály's intent was to create a Hungarian-language version of the German Romantic Lied tradition and he used his knowledge of authentic folk music, marrying accompaniments based on it, to set equally authentic folk poetry and, later, more traditional "art" poetry. Song-lovers and collectors of Hungarian folk material should not hesitate. 2 CDs. Hungarian-English texts. Andrea Meláth, Judit Németh (mezzos), Anna Korondi (soprano), Szabolcs Brickner (tenor), Csaba Szegedi (baritone), István Kovács (bass), Emese Virág, Jenö Jandó (piano).


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