MARJAN MOZETICH (b.1948): Angels in Flight for Flute, Clarinet, Harp and String Quartet, Lament in the Trampled Garden for String Quartet, Hymn of Ascension for Harmonium and String Quartet, Scales of Joy and Sorrow for Piano Trio (Gryphon Trio).

Catalogue Number: 02L128

Label: Centrediscs

Reference: CMCCD 14009

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Although his early studies in the early 1970s were distinctly slanted toward the modernism of the day, by the end of that decade Mozetich had turned toward the far more audience-inclusive, tonal vocabulary that characterises these chamber works. A combination of late-romantic harmonic lushness and emotional expressiveness together with the pulsating, breathing gestures of romantic minimalism serve a very Romantic æsthetic of longing, spirituality an melancholy. Angels is a triptych suggested by an Annunciation scene by Fra Filippo Lippi in luminous colors, rippling arpeggii and deeply affecting melody. Lament is very reminiscent of Glass, with somber, yearning melodies over an arpeggiated accompaniment. Harmonically, the spirit of Verklärte Nacht is never far away, particularly in the work's uneasy central section. Hymn adds a pulsing harmonium to the string quartet, allowing a dense texture and more pungent level of dissonance, though the piece ends in peace and a sense of nostalgia. The title of Scales plays on the sense of balancing joy and sorrow in life, and on the musical material of the piece. Contrasting sections alternate intimate, even sentimental melodic meditation and restless, aggressive ostinati. Penderecki String Quartet, Erica Goodman (harp), Nora Shulman (flute), Shalom Bard (clarinet), Christopher Dawes (harmonium).


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