EDUARD MARXSEN (1806-1887): Sonata in B Flat, Op. 8, Rondo brillant, Op. 9, 3 Pièces fugitives, Op. 31/3, Lied ohne Worte, Op 37, 12 Variations on an Old German Folksong "Kochersberger Bauerntanz", Op. 76/1, 15 Variations on a Finnish Song "Die Kantele Spielerin", Op. 67/2, 3 Romanci.

Catalogue Number: 02M052

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 319

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Providing an insight into Brahms' teacher and, later, correspondant and sounding-board for the younger composer's compositions, this release highlights piano music which superficially seems of salon style but which is full of metrical and rhythmical innovation, aspects of which would appear in many of Brahms' own works. The sonata is an 8-minute work for students; the more substantial of these pieces are the two sets of folksong variations while the Romanci do a good job of recreating Italianate melody and soul. Anthony Spiri (piano).


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