FINN MORTENSEN (1922-1983): Symphony, Op. 5, Pezzo Orchestrale, Op. 12, Evolution, Op. 23, Per Orchestra, Op. 30.

Catalogue Number: 02N010

Label: Signum

Reference: PSC 1306

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Collectors of approachable 20th century symphonies who don't know the Mortensen from its Philips LP and Aurora CD appearances (the latter in 1988), are urged to make the acquaintance of this late-Romantic, neo-Classical hybrid from 1953-53 which has elements of both Prokofiev and Hindemith. A dark, laden atmophere launches a first movement which soon becomes rather more inviting while the warm slow movement and witty scherzo prepare for a revisiting of storm and stress in the finale. At 37 minutes, this dominates a disc which documents Mortensen's subsequent stylistic path - the more modernistic, seven-minute Pezzo which nips around the edges of dodecaphony without actually employing it (1957), the even briefer six-minute Evolution of 1961 (fully dodecaphonic) and, finally 1967's again-approachable Per Orchestra which mixes neo-romanticism with modernist techniques in its succinct 12 minutes. Munich Radio Orchestra; Terje Mikkelsen.


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