FRITZ KREISLER (1875-1962): String Quartet in A Minor, EFREM ZIMBALIST (1890-1985): String Quartet in E Minor, EUGÈNE YSAŸE (1858-1931): Harmonies du soir for String Quartet and String Orchestra, Op. 31 (Philharmonic Orchestra of Europe; Otis Klöber)

Catalogue Number: 02N051

Label: 2L

Reference: 8.572559

Format: CD

Price: $8.98

Description: Kreisler's quartet (1919), a larger-than-life, highly virtuosic (for all four instruments) piece has been recorded before, but these are the World Premiere Recordings of the other two works. Zimbalist's quartet comes from 1931 and is much more lyrical than Kreisler's, with a significant Russian flavor in its first movement; the major virtuosity comes in the Allegro di molto finale. The 15-minute Ysaÿe piece, Wagnerian in its decadent romanticism, is a lushly chromatic, sensual journey from sunset to the depths of night from 1922-25. Fine Arts Quartet.


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