GÖSTA NYSTROEM (1890-1966): Det enda, På reveln, Otrolig dag, Havet sjunger, GUNNAR DE FRUMERIE (1908-1987): Källan, Fråan mitt väsens yta, ntet är förgäves, Det kom ett brev, INGVAR LIDHOLM (b.1921): För vilsna fötter sjunger gräset, Vid Medelhavet, Madonnans vaggvisa, MAURICE KARKOFF (b.1927): Ekorren, I mörkret hos dig, Thalatta!, Handens insida, Det är en solig dag, and four Lieder by Richard Strauss and four Lieder by Schubert.

Catalogue Number: 02N055

Label: Daphne

Reference: 1044

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: One of the least-recorded genres today must be Swedish art-song, so this disc, half of whose 64 minutes are devoted to four composers whose orchestral works are rather well-known, is a good introduction. De Frumerie is the most conservative and Karkoff the only one to use twelve-tone methods but all four write in lyrical and communicative fashion and, though there are no texts, the notes summarize the contents of each song. No texts. Elin Skorup (soprano), Fabienne Romer (piano).


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