DAVID MASLANKA (b.1943): O Earth, O Stars, CARLOS FRANZETTI (b.1948): Symphony No. 3.

Catalogue Number: 02N076

Label: Albany

Reference: TROY 1337

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: By now, we know what to expect of Maslanka, and this splendid double concerto delivers it in abundance. Much of the work is based on chorale melodies, which appear in the sumptuous harmonies and orchestration that instantly identify the composer's works for wind ensemble. Moments of repose and reflection occur when the material is given as tender melody to the soloists. Jubilant dances and irresistibly propulsive, quasi-minimalistic motoric motion enliven the work's dramatic tutti. Franzetti's symphony is a classically proportioned four-movement, truly symphonic form from a versatile composer as comfortable in popular idioms as in concert and operatic traditions. The work is tonal with modal inflections. A lively sonata-allegro first movement with a questing, uncertain development is followed by a pastoral, songlike slow movement and a dancing scherzo in which Argentine rhythms and a waltz become increasingly important. In the final movement the fanfares that have energized and illuminated key points throughout the symphony dominate the texture of a fast Argentine dance, bringing the work to a vigorous conclusion. Illinois State University Wind Symphony; Stephen K. Steele.


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