SVEN-DAVID SANDSTRÖM (b.1942): Se, Öarna for Mezzo-Soprano and Wind Quintet (Marianne Eklöf [mezzo]), ANDERS NILSSON (b.1954): Serenade for Cello and Wind Quintet (Ola Karlsson [cello]), JAN TOLF (b.1949-2005): Frets of Prey for Guitar and Wind Quintet (Mats Bergström [guitar]), ÖRJAN SANDRED (b.1964): Danquah Circle for Piano and Wind Quintet (Love Derwinger [piano]).

Catalogue Number: 02N078

Label: SFZ Records

Reference: SFZ CD 1002

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These pieces explore some of the many possibilities presented by the combination of the versatile, cohesive traditional wind quintet and an additional solo instrument. Tolf's piece, suggested by an odd bit of natural history trivia, is an engaging divertimento with guitar, very tonal, with an unexpected improvised 'cadenza' accompanied by pulsating 'wasp sounds' with a nod to electronica or techno popular music. Nilsson's Serenade is a kind of chamber cello concerto in nocturnal, late-romantic melancholy mood. The work is in three movements, with a central scherzo with reminiscences of Mahlerian nachtmusik and a lively minimalist pulse. The Sandred evokes the disorienting chaos of a West African city, with genial, easy-going lines that interact and overlap to produce a dissonant counterpoint, with strident rhythmic intrusions (car horns?) from time to time. Sandström's substantial song-cycle 'See, the Islands' atmospherically evokes the land and poetry of Sweden, in solemn, folk-like settings of great eloquence and beauty, with instrumental interludes of pure nature-music, vividly suggesting wild birds, rushing, burbling streams and the calm clear light of the northern sky. Östersund Wind Quintet.


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