HARALD MUENZ (b.1965): Nearly-fast, Data Compression, fein...auflösend, "Schönes Klaverstück", dietro V avanti.

Catalogue Number: 02N082

Label: Coviello Classics

Reference: COV 61117

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Whether or not the composer would appreciate the description, it would appear that the term 'postmodern irony' is ideally suited to describe his music. Why else would a composer write a piece called 'Beautiful Piano Piece', full of deliberate banalities, but fragmented so as to suggest avant-garde modernism at its thorniest? Or a playful work that reveals itself to be a kaleidoscopic collage of half-remembered Christmas carols? Muenz delights in this kind of deconstruction and reassembly, even with his own music, as in Data Compression, in which a computer program was used to filter the 'data' of one of Muenz's orchestral works; the composer took the resulting randomized fragments and, in a process analogous to 'cut up' technique, produced a new piece out of those remaining components that still made sense. Nearly-Fast is a tribute to Stockhausen, nervously shifting between serial methodology that Stockhausen might have taught and the breaking of taboos sacred to the Darmstadt avant-garde - and the piece's very existence and form is in itself a tweaking of taboos, as the booklet notes point out; in some quarters these days it is not at all OK to be caught liking Stockhausen. A skilled and versatile iconoclast, then, and an entertaining one, proving that even the most modern musical trends do not have to be incompatible with a sense of humor. Ensemble Mosaik.


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