TEBOGO MONNAKGOTLA (b.1972): 5 Pieces for String Trio, MIRJAM TALLY (b.1976): Winter Island, Parts I & II, FREDRIK ÖSTERLING (b.1966): Lundi for Recorder and String Trio, FREDRIK HEDELIN (b.1965): Akt, SVEN-DAVID SANDSTRÖM (b.1942): 5 Pieces for String Trio.

Catalogue Number: 02N084

Label: Phono Suecia

Reference: PSCD 189

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The Sandström Pieces are a varied set, with the composer's characteristic juxtaposition of gorgeously glowing harmonic beauties, unexpected deviation into dissonance, even harshness - and hugely satisfying resolutions into a romantically tinged classical sense of order and stability. Österling's Lundi adds a recorder to the ensemble in a concertante role, in a lighthearted traversal of a day, from irritable beginning through drowsy afternoon and contented, re-energised evening. Humor is also present in Tally's Winter Island, with its ironic experimental sounds, vocalizations and veiled references to Vivaldi. Monnakgotla's work combines striking, sometimes extended sonorities with insistent, pulsating rhythms and hypnotically repeated motifs that sometimes suggest fragments from a late-late romantic score. The Hedelin expands the timbres of the trio with subtle, fluid electronic textures, against which the strings weave a tapestry of insubstantial, evanescent fragments. Trio Zilliacusperssonraitinen.


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