JACOPO PERI (1561-1633): L'Euridice.

Catalogue Number: 02O013

Label: Newton Classics

Reference: 8802153

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Would I be wrong in saying that this was the first recording of the first complete surviving opera (1600)? This was also the first appearance of recitative and Peri defines and explains his creation of this in his preface to the score (as well as noting that some of the music was composed not by himself but by Caccini). This recording was a valuable research document at the time it came out; now, of course, with its heavy, romanticised style with plenty of vibrato in the voices, it is a historical document of a different type as well. 2 CDs. Adele Bonay (contralto), Nerina Santini (soprano), Rodolfo Farolfi (tenor), Federico Davia (bass), Coro Polifonico di Milano, I Solisti di Milano; Angelo Ephrikian. Original 1967 Arcophon LP release and 1997 Rivo Alto CD release.


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