BERNHARD ROMBERG (1767-1841): Complete Cello Sonatas - 3 Sonatas, Op. 38, 3 Sonatas, Op. 43 (all arr. Friedrich Gustav Jansen [1831-1910]).

Catalogue Number: 02O035

Label: Blue Griffin

Reference: BGR273

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: We offer these "made-up" cycles because of their odd origins: Romberg was a famous and very successful cellist in his time and he wrote three sonatas for violin or cello with harp or piano (we offered them in cello and harp versions back in January of 2004 [01F029]), but he didn't write the works recorded here as cello sonatas: Op. 38 was for two cellos and viola and Op. 43 for two cellos. The piano parts were made up by the 19th century music editor listed above. So Jansen took study works for string players and converted them into what? concert works? study works for cellists with piano accompaniment? Either will do but they're in late classical style, easy to listen to and certainly count as unusual repertoire. 2 CDs. Hannah Holman (cello), RĂ©ne Lecuona (piano).


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