LOUIS SPOHR (1784-1859): Works for Violin and Piano - Grand Duo concertant in E, Op. 112, Adagio in G, WoO 37, 6 Salonstücke, Op. 135, Rondoletto in G for Piano, Op. 149.

Catalogue Number: 02O036

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 492-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Spohr's violin-and-piano works are late, inspired by his second wife being a pianist (and you are familiar with his harpist first wife's influence on his composition), with this Grand Duo of 1837 being the last of three large-scale works which he chose not to call sonatas. In four movements, it breathes a spirit of relaxed delight in nature with musical humor in both the andante and the scherzo. Although called "Salon Pieces", the Op. 145 pieces of 1846-7 are almost miniature tone-poems in ABA form, averaging six minutes in length and both looking backward stylistically and containing his most up-to-date harmonic traits. Ingolf Turban (violin), Kolja Lessing (piano).


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