GIOACHINO ROSSINI (1792-1868): Un mon à Paganini for Violin and Piano, Tema Originale for Violin and Piano, Prélude, Thème et Varations for Horn and Piano, Une Larme for Cello and Piano, Allegro agitato for Cello and Piano, Fantasie for Clarinet and Piano, Petite Fanfare for Piano Four Hands, Marcia for Piano Four Hands.

Catalogue Number: 02O038

Label: Concerto

Reference: CD 2076

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Described as "Complete Chamber Music with Piano", this collection includes four of the non-solo piano items from the Péchés de Viellesse and four other items, most of which were special compositions written for instrumentalists of Rossini's personal aquaintance, mostly with a slow introduction, theme and variations form. Marco Sollini (piano), Salvatore Barbatano (duo), Francesco Manara (violin), Massimo Polidori (cello), Fabrizio Meloni (clarinet), Danilo Stagni (horn).


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