BO LINDE (1933-1970): Anna's Tales, Op. 2, 14 Songs of Spring, Op. 40, Mulle, the shaggy dog that we keep from Summer Camp, Op. 34, LARS-ERIK LARSSON (1908-1986): From 9 Songs, Op. 35: No. 2 I Await the Moon, No. 3 Serenade, No. 4 Beyond Mountains and Dark Waters, No. 7 The Sky, a Flower and a Lark, from 8 Songs, Op. 52: No. 2 You are the Prayer, No. 3 It was Infinite, from 12 Songs (1955): No. 11 Medicinal Herbs.

Catalogue Number: 02O070

Label: Sterling

Reference: CDA 1679-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: You'll know these composers from their orchestral music but you're unlikely to have heard many, if any, of their songs. The lion's share here belongs to Linde (41 of 56 minutes) and, when the notes point out that "he writes his songs in difficult keys and with demanding pitches", they're not kidding. Mind you, this music is gorgeous and utterly tonal; almost every one of his 27 songs sets texts dealing with nature - plants, flowers, birds, times of year, landscapes - and, more often than not, radiates a transcendental, pantheistic ecstasy... Which is where those long strings of astonishingly high notes come in. You're not likely to have heard anything quite like this before! Swedish-English texts. Lisa Gustafsson (soprano), Mårten Landström (piano).


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