CLEMENS GADENSTÄTTER (b.1966): auf takt for Orchestra, Fluchten/Agorasonie for 2 Pianos, Percussion and Orchestra, Ballade I for Voice and Piano (Anna Maria Pammer [voice], Florian Müller [piano]. German-English texts).

Catalogue Number: 02O081

Label: col legno

Reference: WWE 1CD 20408

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: As with the previous works by Gadenstätter that we have offered, the first characteristic that always strikes one is the restless, frenetic energy of the music, with complex textures in constant, teeming motion. Unlike his teacher, Lachenmann, however, Gadenstätter casts his net wider for sonic material; there are noise texture and unorthodox playing techniques to be sure, but also scraps or fragments of surprisingly familiar-sounding material. 'Fluchten ...' begins with a burst of energy, the large orchestra augmented by electronic effects, the two pianos flinging ideas back and forth. This gives way to a static void, in which shards of percussion sound glitter briefly in the dark, but soon the tumultuous textures reassert themselves. 'auf takt' also makes full use of a large, augmented orchestral palette and the same kind of incessant activity,with accordion and percussion playing important rôles. Ballade 1 achieves a similar effect with the limited resources of voice and piano; the latter endlessly active in a combination of complex textures and familiar-sounding chords and scales; the former circling obsessively around reiterated syllables and phonemes extracted from the text. German-English texts. Johanna Gröbner, Veronika Trisko (pianos), Josef Gumpinger, Gerhard Windbacher (percussion), Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra;  Pascal Rophé, Arturo Tamayo (auf takt).


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