RICHARD EILENBERG (1848-1927): Cürassier-Attaque, Op. 133, Das erste Herzklopfen, Op. 50, Norwegische Rentierpost Brillanter Galopp, Op. 314, Die Mühle im Schwarzwald, Op. 52, Marsch der Bersagieri, Op. 99, Unter Italiens blauem Himmel, Op. 257, Von Wien bis Berlin, Op. 62, Kosakenritt, Op. 149, Mandolinen-Serenade, Op. 117, Overture Das Leben ein Traum, Op. 106, Zauberglöckchen, Op. 92, Prinz Heinrich Marsch, Op. 93, In der Waldschmiede, Op. 167, Ach bitte noch einen Walzer, Op. 110, Petersburger Schlittenfahrt, Op. 57.

Catalogue Number: 02O085

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 342-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Just when you think the dance-waltz-march genre is getting all recorded up, here's another specialist in Germanic 19th century dance music and he's got some pretty big opus numbers on him! Apparently he's known today only for two of the items recorded here: Die Mühle im Schwarzwald and Petersburger Schlittenfahrt, the first of which is in a genre one doesn't find in other dance-music composers - the Idylle (In der Waldschmiede is a "Charackterstück", as it were, a little poetic sketch). Whether you know them or not, you'll enjoy these Galopps, waltzes, marches and polkas if you're at all interested in the less-travelled ways of Berlin dance music (cpo's previous release of unknown Berlin dance music was that of Benjamin Bilse back in November of 2008 [11K106]). Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra; Christian Simonis.


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