FELIX DRAESEKE (1835-1913): Clarinet Sonata in B Flat, Op. 38, Scene for Violin and Piano, Op. 69, Violin Sonata in B Flat, Op. 38 (alt. version of clar. son.).

Catalogue Number: 02O090

Label: AK Coburg

Reference: DR-0003

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Dating from 1887, the clarinet sonata is a lovely, pastoral work, full of light and good spirits. The notes make a case for this being the first duo sonata for clarinet of the Romantic period, predating Brahms, Reger and Saint-Saëns. Draeseke made a version for the violin at the same time (the two were published together) with a minimum of changes required by the string instrument. The Scene (1899) is the composer's only work for violin and piano and is a dramatic 11-minute work which makes use of two themes from Draeseke's unproduced opera Bertran de Born (1894). Martin Nitschmann (clarinet), Nanette Schmidt (violin), Wolfgang Müller-Steinbach (piano).


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