WILLIAM VINCENT WALLACE (1812-1865): Why do I weep for thee?, Through the pathless forest drear, Bird of the wild wing, Softly, ye night winds, The gipsy maid, Alice, Seabirds wing their way, It is the happy summer time, Wild flowers, Go! Thou restless wind, Cradle song, The star of love, The spring and summer both are past, The winds that waft my sighs to thee, Good night and pleasant dreams, Old friends and other days, The leaves are turning red, Soprano, Piano and Flute: Orange flowers, Happy birdling of the forest, Mezzo-soprano, Soprano and Piano: Over the silvery lake.

Catalogue Number: 02P052

Label: SOMM

Reference: CD 0131

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: When his operas were not successful and he wasn't writing virtuosic piano pieces, Wallace was just as happy to pour out drawing-room songs; but don't expect maudlin Victoriana - they are rather happy and upbeat, with nature providing much of the textual material. Texts included. Sally Silver (soprano), Richard Bonynge (piano), Anna Noakes (flute), Yvonne Howard (mezzo).


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