GIACOMO MEYERBEER (1791-1864): Songs - La Barque légère, Ballade, La Vœu pendant l'Orage, Le Ricordanze, Rachel à Nephtali, Sie und ich, Fantaisie, Scirocco, La Fille de l'Air, La Folle de St. Joseph, Chant de Mai, La Marguerite du Poête, Nella, Suleika, Meeresstille, À une jeune Fille, Le Baptème, Canzona, Sonntagslied, Gottergebenheit, Luft von Morgen, Reue, Sicilienne, Sur le Balcon, Frühling im Versteck.

Catalogue Number: 02Q034

Label: Antes Edition

Reference: BM319294

Format: CD

Price: $21.98

Description: Meyerbeer was responsible for taking the Classical French romance and turning it from a monotonous salon trifle into what would become the mélodie: some of these songs are operatic scenas in miniature, others are vivid expressions of high spirits, encomia to the beauty of nature and other such non-salon material. Even the five German settings are bright and sparkly! Texts in original languages. Andrea Chudak (soprano), Andreas Schulz (piano).


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