SALVADOR BROTONS (b.1959): Music for Wind Band - Symphony No. 6 "Concise", Op. 122, Rebirth, Obstinacy, Op. 56, Variations on a Catalan Folksong "The Emigrant's Ballad".

Catalogue Number: 02Q072

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573361

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: 'Concise' it may be, in the sense that there is limited development of themes or complexity of structure, but Brotons' symphony is far from lightweight, and at 26 minutes it is no miniature sinfonietta either. Two stately ceremonial movements, the second a passacaglia, are separated by a boisterous high-energy scherzo. The sonata-form first movement and the finale are rhythmically dynamic, with episodes of sweeping lyricism. As in the Fifth Symphony (08P010), Brotons' idiom is bold, colorful and tonal. Rebirth is the composer's first work for symphonic band; three movements depicting the brutality of civil war, the relatively barren artistic life under the regime, and optimism with the coming of democracy, in a vocabulary with a clear - and acknowledged -indebtedness to Shostakovich. Obstinacy is what the title suggests - a rhythmically dogged, propulsive symphonic movement, transforming limited thematic material in a variety of ways, while The Emigrant's Ballad consists of variations on a Catalan folk melody, nostalgically melodic, exuberantly dancelike and boldly heroic. Barcelona Symphonic Band; Salvador Brotons.


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