ERLAND VON KOCH (1915-2009): Symphony No. 3, Sinfonia seria (Symphony No. 4) (Both World Premiere Recordings), Impulsi, Nordic Capriccio, Op. 26.

Catalogue Number: 02R001

Label: BIS

Reference: 2169

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: The first disc of orchestral music by this neglected Swedish composer since August of 2001 brings us the 1948 Third and 1962 Fourth symphonies. In von Koch’s tightly constructed, concise and clear style, based on French and German neo-classicism, they are also of similar relative brevity: 23 and 20 minutes respetcively. Each is based largely on a single motif, the Third with lively movements enclosing one of a slightly weighty lyricism and the Fourth with a grave and anxious mood with two slow movements and an angsty finale. “Impulses” (1964) is like a music hose turned on hard at the start and which builds up to a fine flow of momentum and winds down to a trickle before dying out while the Capriccio, from the composer’s nationalistic vein in 1943, is a six-minute rhythmic projectile based on a Dalecarlian folk tune. Dare we hope that BIS is planning at least to record the final two symphonies? Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra; Per Hammarström.


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