FRITZ BRUN (1878-1959): Volume 7 - Symphony No. 2 in B, Symphonischer Prolog for Large Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 02R002

Label: Guild

Reference: GMCD 7416

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: How best to describe the Second, finished on the second day of 1911? How about “Brahms Sym. No. 2.1”? All sunshine and good feelings, a bit of the pastoral about it, mock-serious beginning of slow movement resolving in glowing lyricism, bright and frolicking finale - all there all right. What more need be said? The Prolog is a tougher piece of work. Finished in December 1944, it was seen by some contemporaries as a symphony telescoped into single-movement form, by one as a premonition of the coming peace and tracing a “darkness-to-light-to-transfiguration” path. Either way, its 20+ minutes contain much ingenious metamorphosing in rhapsodic manner of its themes through moods ranging from dramatic and mourning to contemplative and triumphant. This alone would be worth the price of the disc. Moscow Symphony Orchestra; Adriano.


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