Swiss Piano Works

ALOŸS FORNEROD (1890-1965): Le voyage de printemps, Op. 27, HEINRICH SUTERMEISTER (1910-1995): Theme, Variations et Fugue, EMILE-ROBERT BLANCHET (1877-1943): Fugue in C Minor (Bach), 2 Barcarolles, Op. 24, Étude pastorale, Op. 107/1, Tocsin, 3 août 1914, Op. 28, GEORGE TEMPLETON STRONG (1856-1948): 4 Poèmes, Op. 36, EMILE JAQUES-DALCROZE (1865-1950): Ballade, Op. 46/1, FABIO MAFFEI (b.1968): Briciole.

Catalogue Number: 02R030

Label: Gallo

Reference: CD-1168

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: Several generations of tonal music here, from the late Romatic pieces by Jaques-Dalcroze and the American-born Strong to the impressionist-tinged Fornerod and the early display of contrapuntal talent (1934) by Sutermeister to the six barely-there “Crumbs” of Maffei. The longest batch is the 20 minutes of Blanchet, a pupil of Busoni whose harmonic language is complex and polyphonically dense, although the 1914 and 19196 Barcarolles are impressionistically delicate also. Adalberto Maria Riva (piano).


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