100 Years of Ukranian Music for Violin and Piano

BORIS LYATOSHINSKY (1895-1968): Sonata, Op. 19, VICTOR KOSENKO (1896-1938): 2 Pieces, Op. 4, VALENTIN SILVESTROV (b.1937): Post scriptum Sonata, MIROSLAV SKORYK (b.1938): Hutsul Triptych, YEVHEN STANKOVICH (b.1942): Angel’s Touch, IVAN KARABITS (b.1945): Muzyka for Solo Violin, ALEXANDER SHCHETYNSKY (b.1960): An Episode in the Life of a Poet, BOHDAN KRYVOPUST (b.1975): Capriccio.

Catalogue Number: 02R034

Label: Labor Records

Reference: LAB 7095

Format: CD

Price: $21.98

Description: On the conservative first disc of this collection, we have a pair of solidly conservative late Romantic pieces from 1919 by Kosenko and a 1926 sonata by Lyatoshinsky which shows that he was very much au courant with the latest avant-garde ideas of the day (think Bartók and Russian Futurism - this could almost be music for a silent German Expressionist film). Skoryk (1964-65) provides an updated but still quite tonal take on Hutsul folk music and Karabits (1974) suggests an improvising folk fiddler who happens to have a knowlege of jazz. Silvestrov's three-movement sonata is a 'post-script' to the classical tradition, so familiar that it has become anonymous and folkloric. Little fragments that could be Beethoven or Mozart are presented in collage, like dreams or memories; by the last movement, with one sweetly sentimental phrase separated by a ghostly ticking, the memory has almost faded altogether. The Stankovych is a mystical meditation, blending naivété, 'new simplicity' and non-functional, coloristic harmonic freedom in a piece with greater drama and variety than its title might suggest. Shchetynsky's fantasia on themes from his opera Interrupted Letter, about the exiled 19th-century Ukrainian poet and painter Taras Shevchenko, traverses an eclectic range of styles in eight event-filled mminutes, with sonorism, tonal lyricism, fierce dissonance, folk music and poetic harmony somehow forming a cohesive whole. Kryvopust's Capriccio, virtuosic, propulsive and vigorous, explores various modernist trends, dissonant but not atonal; dense but not unapproachable. 2 CDs. Solomiya Ivakhiv (violin), Angelina Gadeliya (piano).


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