ALICIA DE LARROCHA (1923-2009): Solo Piano: Suite, Primaveral, Travesuras, Invitación, Aiguablava, Pavana, Ofrena, Scherzo, Impromptu, Minué triste, Jota, Paseo, Jugando, Sueño infantil, Mazurca, Homenaje a Schumann, Allegro in D Sharp Minor, Balada, Burlesca, Nouvelette, Estudio, Preludio, Coral, Marcha lenta, Danza, Romanza sin palabras, Aplec, Sonata antigua, Cajita de música, 10 Invenciones, Chamber Works: Violin Sonata, Romanza for Cello and Piano, Songs: Cançó d’un doble amor, Maite, Mi vida es un erial, Triste, muy tristamente, En los demás me vengué, Hoy creo en Dios, Tal vida tal fin, Los dos miedos.

Catalogue Number: 02R039

Label: La Ma de Guido

Reference: MGCM001

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

No Longer Available

Description: OK, how many of you knew that this world-famous pianist also composed from the age of 7 until giving it up at 30 to concentrate on her performing career? Like Rossini, she called them the “sins of her youth” and never tried to have them published but her daughter tells us in a note that she decided to support this recording to show how well-rounded her mother’s life was. Everything is short, often with a touch of nostalgia, sometimes with folk colors woven in and sometimes with jazzy harmonies, the longest piece being the three-movement, 12-minute violin sonata from 1940. 2 CDs. Catalan, Spanish-English texts. Marta Zabaleta (piano), Ala Voronkova (violin), Peter Schmidt (cello), Marta Mathéu (soprano), Albert Guinovart (piano - songs).


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