HARALD GENZMER (1909-2007): Concerto for Mixture Trautonium and Orchestra, GeWV 168, Suite des Danses pour Instruments Électroniques, GeWV 435, Sonatas for Mixture Trautonium and Piano, GeWV 432 and 433, Bass-Solo in F, GeWV 429, Capriccio Trautonico, GeWV 428.

Catalogue Number: 02S064

Label: Paladino Music

Reference: pmr 0081

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Anyone who loves the theremin or ondes Martenot is going to have a ball with this disc! Its name comes from Friedrich Trautwein, an engineer at the Berlin Radio Testing Center who created it in the late 1920s but it was only ever championed by one man, Oscar Sala (1910-2002), who kept pushing engineers for more and more modifications and improvements. Telefunken produced around 200 “peoples’ Trautoniums” before cultural condtions under the Nazis put an end to that. The mixture trautonium heard here is a much larger mechanism which does much more. Many photos and detailed notes on instrument and music tell you all you need to know about what sounds like the unconsecrated offspring of an electrified orgy attended by organs, accordions and brass instruments. Peter Pichler (mixture trautonium), Manfred Manhart (piano), Jan Kahlert, Tschinge Krenn (volkstrautoniums), Orchestra; Manfred Manhart.


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